Japanese Rare Disease Models & Mechanisms Network

Application process

Model organism researchers, who hope to register in the Model Organism Researcher Registry and proceed to matching, are requested to complete the steps shown below. 。

Registration in the models researcher registry

  • Access the site to register model organism researcher information (http://irudbeyond.nig.ac.jp/registry/) and input information including your name, affiliation, organisms and genes that you study, and academic papers that you have published.

Submission of the non-disclosure agreement 

  • After completing registry registration, submit the non-disclosure agreement to the Secretariat by e-mail: irud-beyond (at) nig.ac.jp in Word file or PDF format.    

Submission of the application form 

  • After your registry registration is approved, you will be able to consult the list of gene variants that we have been authorized to publish. Please pick a gene to research from this list (matching) and send an application form by e-mail. You can also apply to research several genes. In addition, you may be asked to submit an application form based on the information that you have registered in the registry.

  • While we accept applications at any time so that we can begin analyzing requested variants as quickly as possible, the screening for the fiscal year in question may have ended due to budget constraints. Please contact us for the current status of your application as there may be additional budgetary provisions.

  • Format for the application form: Word file or PDF   

Matching and reviewing 

  • Following the preliminary reviewing of the documents, the research team (IRUD researchers + model organism researchers) will be determined by the Coordinating Committee, and the Secretariat will inform the applicants of the screening results. Selected research teams are requested to undertake necessary procedures at their respective organizations, with sufficient consultation on the contents of the joint research.

The distribution of research funds 

  • When the joint research formally begins, the recommissioned research funds will be allotted to the affiliated institution by the National Institute of Genetics. Please contact us for inquiries as the amount of the recommissioned research funds may vary depending on the budget.

For information and inquiries

National Institute of Genetics. IRUD-Beyond J-RDMM office

E-mail address: irud-beyond (at) nig.ac.jp